Paignton Guest Houses

Paignton, Torbay and Brixham form the unitary authority of Torbay which stands as one of the UK's most popular tourist destinations known as the English Riveria. This quaint little coastal town boasts a population of 48,251 people which plays into the town's advantage, as this intimate number allows the town to display a village like ambience. The rolling green valleys, sandy beaches and calm waters draw thousands of visitors to Paignton every year, most of which find the Paignton Guest Houses to be the perfect answer to any accommodation queries. There are many attributes in the area that encourage people to visit including the unique and still visible infrastructure that was installed many years ago by the some of the town's first members.

The town was first mentioned in records 1086 AD in the Doomsday book spelled both as Peyton and Paignton which derived from Paega's town, an original Celtic settlement. Until the 19th century Paignton was a small fishing village with the local markets boasting a large proportion of the towns catch on a daily basis. After the harbour Act was put in place which led to the construction of the new harbour in 1837 the town experienced a shift in its industry with tourism steadily increasing in the area encouraging more and more investment being poured into the area.

Church Street, Winner Street and Palace Avenue are considered to be the historic part of Paignton, showcasing some of the country's finest Victorian architecture and other very famous builds. The medieval stone house called Kirkham House which lies open to the public for the majority of the year and Coverdale Tower are located within moments of these streets. Coverdale Tower is named after Bishop Miles Coverdale who published an English translation of the bible in 1536, Coverdale was the Bishop of Exeter between 1551 and 1553.

Visitors are easily able to travel to this stunning holiday location either by plane to the local Exeter airport or the fantastic train line which was constructed in 1859 and links London and most major cities around the United Kingdom. At the reception desk the Paignton Guest Houses are able to organise any travel plans or co-ordinate any shuttles with outside companies and provides a reservation service to any of the local restaurants, pubs and bistros.

Paignton guest houses superbly display single, twin, double, triple and family suites each wonderfully decorated carrying a sophisticated and delicate ambience that lies second to none in guest house accommodation. The list of services and in room amenities are endless with every suite presenting large plasma televisions coupled with a large sky TV package and DVD players, in room air-conditioners with hot and cold settings and tea and coffee making facilities.

The suites in Paignton guest houses are bathed in sunlight which beams in through the large windows which display eye-catching views across the towns surrounds including the blue waters of the ocean, a wonderful place to sit and watch the European sun set.

Another added extra of these type of accommodation are the en suite bathrooms, these delightful washrooms really are the X in extra each presenting large walk-in rainforest type showers, deep baths and exquisite vanity cases enabling a rich and graceful atmosphere. Complementary soft towels, soaps and sensual bath creams allow the guest to completely relax and embrace these delightful hidden gems in every suite. Paignton guest houses are designed to suit even the most discerning guest whether on business or pleasure every visitor is sure to slip into a state of luxury in these accommodations. The service is intimate, the area is exciting and the experience is unforgettable.